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Medical Student Welcome Page

The Robert Wood Johnson Medical School has a required fourth-year clerkship in emergency medicine (EMED 8901) as well as rotations for visiting fourth-year students. Students have consistently ranked this clerkship very highly both from an overall perspective and from the experience with the faculty. For visiting students who are interested in away rotations at our site, we participate in VSLO. Please see the visiting student tab for more information.

RWJMS students have the option of a four-week rotation at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) in New Brunswick, RWJUH in Somerset, Jersey Shore University Hospital, or Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch. All RWJMS students have one required shift at RWJUH Rahway for a community experience. Students are encouraged to participate in the assessment and management of all acute care patients, from fast track to the resuscitation of the critically ill. During the rotation, students have a dedicated procedure shift allowing students to get experience performing suture repairs, splint placement, blood draws, intravenous line placement, point of care ultrasound, and any other procedures that are available in the ED. Didactics include weekly Wednesday morning lectures, a formative high fidelity simulation case, and a dedicated suture lab. RWJMS students take the NBME subject exam as part of their final grade. The first and last days of the clerkship are mandatory. Clerkship start and end dates can be found here (

Additional electives available at RWJMS which are based at RWJUH in New Brunswick include: an introductory rotation in emergency medical services (EMED 9016), emergency bedside ultrasound (EMED 9010), and an emergency resuscitation elective (EMED 9014). EMED 9014 is available to students who have already satisfactorily completed a rotation in emergency medicine, whether visiting or home students, but is most specifically aimed at RWJMS students who have completed their required 4th year clerkship in Emergency Medicine at an affiliated site (not New Brunswick) and now wish to pursue Emergency Medicine as a career. Additionally there is a general emergency medicine rotation at the University Medical Center at Princeton (EMED 9002) and one at Jersey Shore University Medical Center (EMED 9004); of note our EM residents do not rotate at Princeton or Jersey Shore, and faculty there is not shared with New Brunswick (i.e. a SLOE from Princeton or Jersey Shore will be designated as a SLOE from Non-EM Residency faculty).

Please note that Standardized Letters of Evaluation from faculty of an emergency medicine residency program (SLOE) are only written for those rotating at the RWJUH New Brunswick site (EMED 8901 (restricted to RWJMS students), 9012 and 9014).

For any questions regarding the clerkship or medical student education, please contact the clerkship director Dr. Laryssa Patti ( or the clerkship coordinator Ms. Michelle Bardsley ( or 732-235-8783).